Just her and her talent.

"There’s a lot of careers that I respect and admire, but more than copying someone’s career I would like for others to be inspired by what I’ve achieved with time."

Glee Cast - Wake Me Up (Glee Cast Version)

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Glee Cast - The Rose (Glee Cast Version)

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Q: Hey! :) Your icon is soo pretty!! Can you make a few icons from Lea's OMW music video shoot? TIA.

Hi! I’m a little late on this…

I made some icons, They are quite similar to the one I have right now so hope you like them!


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 “Indoors, my favorite flowers are Mums. And I really love Gardenias around my house.” 

Lea Michele | Domaine Home

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Rachel Berry as Fanny Brice.

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The New York Times Review of Funny Girl  

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