Just her and her talent.

"There’s a lot of careers that I respect and admire, but more than copying someone’s career I would like for others to be inspired by what I’ve achieved with time."

I’m playing a character who’s in high school, but I myself am 27 so I don’t have to deal with that kind of day to day what people have to deal with in schools all the time. But that kind of stuff happens everywhere, you see it a lot especially in social media: people that have a huge distance between what they’re writing and the person that they’re writing about. It can be really hurtful. For me it’s just really important that I keep the people that I really love around me, but I can imagine that kids in school these days that have to deal with that kind of stuff - it’s become such a terrible thing. But I’m proud to be on a television show that really deals with such important issues and talks about things like bullying.” (x)

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Lea and Darren on the set of Glee (x)
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msamberpriley #Foreverfamily! Officially missing you big brother! make sure you guys look out for Harry in his new movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” the sequel 😘 come back soon! Stop gettin so damn buff 😂

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@msleamichele Singing a broadway classic with @DarrenCriss at #Glee today! #GleeSeason6 🎶

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@msleamichele: #Daleastreet is back in action! #GleeSeason6 

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@msleamichele Friday night on the set of #Glee and @JOAQUINSEDILLO is giving me some gorgeous lighting for this very pretty song…
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